Flipkart Diwali Sale 2017

All you need to know about Flipkart Diwali deals & discounts

Flipkart Diwali is one of the best e-commerce platforms during the festive Diwali season with great deals and discounts across many categories. The Big Billion Days started out in 2014 by Flipkart with a focus on Diwali. In 2015, Flipkart hit a turnover of $300 million, mostly due to the Diwali sale. In 2016, the number swelled up even further. This year, the Diwali Sale 2017 is expected to be even larger.

Diwali with Flipkart

How to best save at Flipkart’s Diwali sale?

There are no two-ways about it. This is how you go. Keep an eye on the Deals of the Day by Flipkart for constantly updated deals. Further your discount with coupon players like CupoNation. Move on to checkouts quickly. Thank us later! And like for any other shopping portal, you can check out even faster if you preload your card details on the site. In the meantime, we will keep you updated with all important offers and deals for a super Flipkart Diwali.

Which deals can I expect on Flipkart Diwali in 2017?

Flipkart goes big on variety. With Diwali and Big Billion days, it only ups the ante to a whole another level. With a full house of superior products in almost every category under the sun, Flipkart is also the ideal place to buy Diwali gifts for friends and relatives.
Some quintessential Flipkart Diwali offerings include smartphones, LED TVs, shoes, home furnishings, kitchen appliances, other electronics and fashion essentials. You may also set up a Flipkart First account to get special deals and privileges before others. Memberships start at Rs 500 for one year.

When is Diwali at Flipkart?

This year Diwali starts from October 17 and ends on October 21. But the Diwali sale on Flipkart kicks up in early August!

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Flipkart’s Diwali Countdown

It’s not yet Diwali – Can I save at Flipkart anyway?

Totally! Flipkart gives you a myriad of options to save money throughout the year. Here are a few options you can avail right now.

1. Get instant coupons at CupoNation and start receiving discounts between 35% and 70% on some major purchases.

2. Feel some of the best Deals of the Day by Flipkart.

3.You may sign up for Flipkart Assured to receive exclusive benefits like 6 Quality Checks, Transit Safe Packaging and Stringent Seller Guidelines.

What does Flipkart offer throughout the year?

From launching the latest phones to offering unbelievable deals through the year, Flipkart takes customers and competitors by surprise every time. With a range of unique products and deals offered across all categories, there’s something for you all through the year. Here are a few pointers. Browse time-bound Offers that Flipkart keeps rolling out almost every other day.

Avail summer offers on coolers and ACs at Flipkart Cooling Days. Claim exclusive deals and first-bid offers at featured brands like Microsoft and L’Oreal. Featured brands also include famous clothing and apparel houses.

Scroll through the Best Bargains all around the year. Best bargains are available on premium clothing brands, men’s accessories, fashion jewellery, books, sunglasses, backpacks and sports items.

Best handpicked Flipkart Diwali deals

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Flipkart Fast Facts

This Diwali, Flipkart fills your plate with:

  1. Scale: Flipkart stands in a league of its own with its unique play of exclusively launching new products (read phones) just around Diwali
  2. Deal categories: Flipkart throws up deals in almost every category – right from apparels, accessories and appliances to books, DVDs and home furnishings.
  3. Offer dates 2017: The signature Big Billion Days is a super-rush of 5 days. But Diwali Offers on Flipkart start from early August and last till late October.
  4. Other saving options: Flipkart Smart Buy, Deals of the Day, Free Shipping

The best Flipkart Diwali deals and promotion in 2016

Flipkart raked up its remarkable prowess during the Diwali 2016 Big Billion Days. Here are some figures:

  • Flipkart sold 15.5 million product units in October 2016, which is the highest by an Indian e-retailer during the festive season.
  • Flipkart registered a gross sales figure of Rs 3,000 Crore during its Big Billion Days, higher than any other retailer in the sales period.
  • The e-portal offered products at significantly lower prices to reach the magical figure of 1 billion sales.
Shopping Happy Diwali