Amazon Diwali Sale 2017

All you need to know about Amazon Diwali deals & discounts

When they came up with the “Aur Dikhao” ad campaign, one thing became immediately clear about Amazon – they have sensed the pulse of Indian customers. And with the Great Indian Sale for the last two festive seasons, they have shown how well they have connected with the Indian festive mood. Coming to Diwali again this year are some really exciting offers from Amazon India that will make the season even more festive with exciting deals on LED TVs, smartphones, apparel, appliances and home furnishings. Not just that, the #GreatIndianFestival tags along with a myriad of offers, coupons, deals and special discounts – all while keeping Amazon hallmarks like free shipping (after a minimum shopping value) timely delivery and fulfilled purchases intact.

Diwali with Amazon

How to best save at Amazon’s #GreatIndianFestival?

When the largest global e-commerce giant mingles with the biggest Indian festival, we have two options: 1. Sit back, relax and watch a barrage of deals flow in an out at the speed of light. Or, 2. Hurry up, get your cards together, and make the most of the Amazon Diwali sale like it’s no one’s business. You can check out these Unmistakable signs Diwali is here right on Amazon too!

Which deals can I expect on Amazon Diwali in 2017?

We all know there’s very little that Amazon cannot do when it comes to putting variety on the shelf. And they do it even better on Diwali. With a full range of offers on items that you can buy for your home or gifts for your loved ones, there are deals as good as any.
On Diwali, you get the best deals on LEDs, smartphones, home furnishings, kitchen appliances and of course all the latest fashion brands. Customers with Amazon Prime memberships have the special advantage of a 30-minute privilege window before every deal and sale.

When is Diwali at Amazon?

This year Diwali starts from October 17 and ends on October 21. But the Diwali sale on Amazon kicks up in early August!

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Amazon’s Diwali Countdown

It’s not yet Diwali – Can I save at Amazon anyway?

Definitely yes – shopping at Amazon is a breezy experience throughout the year. At the moment, you can make use of one of the following deals:

1. Fire exclusive Amazon coupon from portals like CupoNation and avail up to 50% off on electronics and accessories.

2. Browse through “Deal of the Day” by Amazon.

3. Sign Up for Amazon Prime (you get unlimited free and fast deliveries with a 30-minute window of early access to the best deals).

What does Amazon offer throughout the year?

Amazon has this knack of throwing up amazing deals and offers throughout the year. This starts with special deliveries, offer coupons and generally scales up to unique products you will not find anywhere else. They easily have the largest variety of products on the internet. And that means there’s something for you all through the year. Here are some ways to add excitement to shopping. You can purchase Amazon Gift Cards start at Rs 0 and you get discount options up to 25% for many major brands and send to your loved ones through email or arrange corporate gifting. Or earn flat cash back for adding Pay Balance on Amazon and get exciting discounts when paying with Amazon pay balance.

Best handpicked Amazon Diwali deals

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Amazon Fast Facts

Here is what you can expect from Amazon during Diwali:

  1. Scale: Many offers with new deals for all refreshed in minutes.
  2. Deal categories: Electronics, TV, Phone Clothing, Home, Kitchen, Furnishing.
  3. Offer dates 2017: Starts from early August 2017 until 21st October
  4. Other saving options: Coupons, Amazon Prime, Deal of the Day, Value Bazaar.

The best Amazon Diwali deals and promotion in 2016

Amazon showed some amazing growth figures in their Diwali sale 2016 called the #GreatIndianfestival.

  • The number of unique visitors Amazon Diwali sale 2016 attracted in half a day was greater than the total traffic of the 2015 Diwali sale.
  • For many categories like large appliances, consumables, fashion and electronics, Amazon was also the largest seller of the year.
  • For specifics, Amazon Fashion registered a growth of 6 times, while Home & Kitchen grew 10 times. With Washing Machines and AC’s breaking all the records with a 20X growth figure.
Shopping Happy Diwali