Diwali Sales in Amritsar 2017

Shopping in Amritsar during Diwali

The festival of Diwali seems custom designed for Amritsar. The city of the Golden Temple glows with a golden hue on the festival. This year, Diwali will be celebrated from 17 October to 21 October. Shopping fever grips Amritsar long before Diwali. Needless to mention, some major shops cover the festival from one end to another as deals and offers flow.

The Golden Temple decorations define the essence of Diwali in Amritsar. The lighting and decorations are a sight to behold. The magnificence of their shimmering reflection on the adjoining lake. The Diwali evening reverberates with constant chanting of prayers from the Golden Temple. The shops and stores surrounding the Golden Temple sell a variety of products which are stocked plentifully for the Diwali season.  

The standout experience of Diwali shopping in Amritsar is the Guru Bazaar. Located right next to the Golden Temple, the Guru Bazaar is divided into several lanes – each selling a different group of commodities. The Guru Bazaar is a must on the bucket list of any tourist who visits Amritsar during Diwali.

What are insider tips for shopping in Armitsar?

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When is Diwali in Amritsar in 2017?

Diwali will be celebrated from 17 October to 21 October in 2017.
For most years, Diwali falls in between Mid-October and Mid-November.

When does the Diwali sales period start in Amritsar?

The first offers and discounts are rolled out in early August. Dealers and shopkeepers keep pushing exciting offers through the next 70-80 days.

Amritsar’s Diwali Countdown

Insider tips for shopping in Amritsar during Diwali

  1. If you are in Amritsar in and around Diwali time, the best place to kick off shopping would be the Hall Bazar. It has the reputation of being among the oldest markets of the city. The proximity of the market to the Golden Temple means that there are very few things (related to Diwali) that you will not find here.  If you feel like grabbing a bite,  check out the internationally acclaimed restaurant at the Hotel Sawera Grand.
  2. Looking for something modern and trendy. Visit the Trilium Mall on Circular Road for a collection of current and designer brands all under one roof. The food court guarantees much-needed refreshments after a long day of shopping.
  3. A contemporary, yet laid-back shopping experience is provided by all shops at Lawrence road. Here, you get men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing along with all associated accessories. There are also lots of jewelry stores nearby.
  4. Guru Bazaar is another merchandising enclave that erupts abuzz with shoppers during Diwali. Clothes, computers, accessories and electronics – all are available in the shops at Guru Bazaar.
  5. Shop woodwork jewellery, designer shirts, ties, saris and pashminas at the Guru Bazar at worth the note of every shopper at Amritsar.
  6. If you feel like doing it all at one place, head on to the Amar Ujala Trimurti Shopping Complex. Clothes and accessories are considerably cheaper here.

The most popular products

  • Tablets and Mobiles
  • Accessories and Garments
  • LED TVs
  • Home décor and Kitchenware
  • Foot fashion accessories
  • Designer suits and Salwars

Top Diwali Retailers

Shopping Happy Diwali

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