Diwali Sales in Jaipur 2017

Shopping in Jaipur during Diwali

Jaipur is the place where people are more energetic and enthusiast for celebrating the festival of lights that is Diwali. The festival is celebrated with fireworks, lights, good clothes, and numerous gifts. Diwali is the occasion when people consider shopping for expensive items such as jewelry, automobiles and other luxury products. As investing during the season of Diwali is considered to bring good luck.

Jaipur’s population is made up of many different religions, however, Diwali is known to bring the people of the city together for celebrating the fireworks and other rituals that take place. People like shopping in Diwali as there are attractive deals displayed across all the stores which make it an affordable time and an enjoyable experience.

When is Diwali in Jaipur in 2017?

Diwali will be celebrated from 17 October to 21 October in 2017.

When does the Diwali sales period start in Jaipur?

The Diwali sales period in Jaipur starts from early to mid-August every year until the last day of Diwali.

Jaipur’s Diwali Countdown

Insider tips for shopping in Jaipur during Diwali

  1. Diwali is the occasion when gold and silver pieces of jewelry are purchased and gifted. Although there are many jewelers in Jaipur, the Johri Bazaar has sacred and traditional importance for shoppers coming to shop during Diwali. Johri Bazaar is among the best places to shop as it offers lehengas, Rajasthani clothing along with Kundan jewelry and other gold/silver jewelry.
  2. Hunting down a place for shopping clothes? Consider the finest bazaar of all, Bapu Bazaar which is the home to handcrafted and handwoven shawls, dresses, and other types of traditional clothes. The area is usually crowded and therefore, it could take some patience to reach the exact store you want to purchase. However, with the finest quality of clothes on offer, the wait is worth it.
  3. The Jaipur City which is also known as the Pink City is home to some of the best malls in the vicinity. World Trade Park, Crystal Palm, Pink Square Mall, are the names of few malls which possess almost everything you’ll need. Gaurav Towers is another place where there are plenty of brands such as Bata, Woodland, Provogue, Levis, and more.
  4. During Diwali, Jaipur glows to a great extent. The streets are full of people celebrating the promising occasion of Diwali. Ismail Mirza Road is the place in Jaipur where you can grab the best quality jewelry and handicrafts. The Ismail Mirza Road is the main road in Jaipur and therefore, there are plenty of eateries such as Copper Chimney, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. Apart from eateries, you can shop for bed sheets, bangles, and home decor products. Shop for some of the high-quality garments that are on sale during Diwali.
  5. Celebrating a tradition with modern clothes and shoes could make you feel attractive, but wearing the traditional clothes has its own benefits. The Badi Chaupar is a place for furnishing items, antiques, dress materials, and mojris can be found in the marketplace.

The most popular products

● Handicrafts and Jewellery
● Designer Wear, Sarees, Suit, Dresses, Lehengas, etc.
● Furniture and Home decor products
● Rajasthani Furniture, Antiques, etc.

Top Diwali Retailers

Shopping Happy Diwali

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