Diwali Sales in Lucknow 2017

Shopping in Lucknow during Diwali

Diwali, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja are few of the biggest festivals celebrated in Lucknow. The spirit of celebrating and enjoying the festival of Diwali is deeply inculcated in people living in the city of Lucknow.

Lucknow celebrates all the festivals with appreciation and delightfulness. The festival of lights or Diwali is one of the biggest festivals where people from all walks of life gather on the streets or on their porch to celebrate with beautiful fireworks and colorful firecrackers that light up the entire city with glowing lights in the sky.

Diwali is not just about celebrating with fireworks but also it is very auspicious time for shopping. During Diwali, you can purchase anything and get discounts or offers on your buy. Jewelry, gold, dresses, suits, clothes, mobiles, electronics, are few of the most selling items in Lucknow during Diwali.

When is Diwali in Lucknow in 2017?

The Diwali commences from 17th October 2017 i.e. Dhanteras to 21st October 2017.

When does the Diwali sales period start in Lucknow?

It usually starts from early August every year.

Lucknow’s Diwali Countdown

Insider tips for shopping in Lucknow during Diwali

  1. Located just a couple of kilometers from the Railway Station, the Aminabad Market is one of the oldest markets known in Lucknow. The market is said to be in existence since the Nawabs and the ambiance still retains the with its brightly lit ceiling and the beautiful jewelry shops decorating the marketplace. There are plenty of roadside stores and restaurants where you can shop for Diwali and get the best Diwali deals available.
  2. Sip in a perfect coffee or latte at the Barista or eat at the restaurants in Hazaratganj, an another place of historic importance. This place is where you will find cinema halls and multiplexes, stores and showrooms. During Diwali, the streets are crowded with people doing their Diwali shopping.
  3. Smartphones or other electronic items such as tablets and computers are all available at the Latouche Road. The bustling streets of Latouche Road are enough to prove its prominence in the electronics market in Lucknow. Moreover, you can get good deals during Diwali citing a number of offers that are usually put up.
  4.   Electronics at reasonable rates with bargaining allowed, Naka Hindola is one of the markets similar to Latouche Road where you can purchase all kinds of electronics with heavy bargains and offers.
  5. Visiting Lucknow during Diwali? Try your hands at the exclusive Chikankari Sarees and outfits that are popular in Lucknow. You can walk in at Lucknow Chikan Exclusif or Ada Designer Chikan Studio among other stores.
  6. Get quality items like Chikankari, garments, and other accessories at Janpath Market in Lucknow at affordable rates. There are plenty of stores where you can bargain and churn out the best deal for you. During Diwali, this shopping destination fumes with deals and offers that are put up on all the shops and stores.

The most popular products

● Jewellery
● Chikankari Sarees and Outfits
● Electronics and Smartphones
● Leather bags and Accessories
● Shoes and Trinkets, Belts, etc.

Top Diwali Retailers

Shopping Happy Diwali

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