Diwali Sales in Surat 2017

Shopping in Surat during Diwali

Surat is a beautiful city in the state of Gujarat with a friendly and lively population. Celebrations for festivals such as Diwali are a huge festivity in Surat along with Navratri, Holi, and more. The shopping carts in Surat during Diwali will never run out of lists to buy from as Surat offers plenty of products that people buy during the auspicious festival of Diwali.

Formerly known as Suryapur, Surat is the economic capital of Gujarat. It is received tremendous acclaim due to its dominance in diamond, silk, and more products that are handcrafted by the skilled people of Surat. Surat celebrates festivals of Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, and Uttarayan very passionately. Surat becomes a hotspot for shopping during Diwali as there are many offers and deals that pop up during the Diwali sales.

When is Diwali in Surat in 2017?

Diwali commences on Thursday, 17 October 2017.

When does the Diwali sales period start in Surat?

Diwali sales start from early August every year.

Surat’s Diwali Countdown

Insider tips for shopping in Surat during Diwali

  1. What makes Surat an ideal place for shopping during Diwali is its dominance in the diamond market in India, whereby people can purchase high-quality diamonds. The city is also known for its handloom, silk, high-quality sarees and fabrics. There are hundreds of products and stores where you can shop, of which we have listed few:
  2. Textile and Surat go hand-in-hand and that is why it is said to be the silk capital of India. At Sahara Darwaja, located on Jay Prakash Narayan Marg, an exponential variety of salwar kameez, sarees, fabrics, and more are available. It is one of the best places for purchasing textile items in Surat.
  3. The Dumas Square is populated with people with the likes of Malls. The Dumas Square is a place for the picnic as people usually go there to sit back and relax. RahulRaj Mall and VR Mall are few of the malls where you can shop a variety of products from both Indian and international brands.
  4. Near Lake, Shanivari Market is a place for antique collections. The handcrafted teacups, decors and lamps. will make you feel mesmerised. You can also shop to buy vintage and styled furniture and bangles that will entice you.
  5. A great place to shop during Diwali, Central Mall is located at Dumas Road. You will find any and everything in Central Mall right from ethnic brands to multinational brands and more. A game zone, an entertainment center and a multiplex are few of its offerings. You can get absolutely anything and everything at the Central Mall which could be food supplies, home decor, kitchen items, and more.
  6. The best quality farsan in Durat and Ramji Damodar Bhajiyawala will induce you to grab the largest plate for the hot and fresh farsan made in the store. The delicious delicacies will leave you mouth-watering.

The most popular products

● Sarees and Textiles
● Diamonds and Gemstones
● Farsan
● Mobiles, Electronics and Appliances
● Decorations, Art Decors, Antique Products

Top Diwali Retailers

Shopping Happy Diwali

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