Diwali Wishes

Happy Diwali Countdown

When is Diwali in 2017?

  • This year Diwali will start on October 17 and will continue until October 21.
  • Diwali always falls between Mid October or Mid November.

When does the Diwali sales period start?

Advertising for Diwali starts in the beginning of August when retailer come up with the first offers and deals targeting consumers.

What is the tradition of Diwali wishes?

The festival of lights, Diwali brings with it the best wishes of joy and happiness. The streets are filled with people of all religions celebrating the the victory of light over darkness with million of lights, fireworks and traditional lamps. Diwali, the largest and grandest Hindu festival is also an opportunity to be auspicious and generous to others. Giving Diwali gifts to friends and families and investing on luxury items are common in the weeks leading up to and during Diwali.

Happy Diwali Greeting 1
Shubh Diwali Greeting 1

It is also common to extend love and good wishes to your near and dear ones through happy Diwali Wishes. These messages with traditional Diwali images are caring and bring happiness to everybody that receives one. The heartwarming Diwali pictures are deeply rooted in tradition and are an important part of celebrating Diwali in style.

Top Diwali offers online

Diwali is by now the main shopping season in India. Some of the biggest retailers have joined in on the Diwali euphoria and provide the best offers and deals during this sales period. For example, you find great offers with the following big retailers:

How to prepare for Diwali?

In preparation for Diwali, people invest their energy in cleaning and decorating their homes. On the 3rd day of Diwali, people dress up in their best outfits, participate in family prayers, start a firework and exchange gifts.

The most popular products

The most popular product categories people are looking for during Diwali are:

  • Mobiles and Tablets  
  • Apparel and Accessories
  • Shoes and Footwear
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Computers and Laptops

What do traditional happy Diwali Wishes look like?

Traditional Diwali cards come in all shapes and sizes. Usually containing a pictures or images of Diwali, like fireworks above Yamuna river in New Dehli or the siddhivinayak temple decorated with Rangolis and candles in Mumbai. They contain happy Diwali wishes such as “Shubh Diwali” in Hindi or “Diwali Mubarakh” accompanying these Diwali images. People often write unique Diwali messages, essays or sometimes even poems on the inside of the card with Diwali greetings and wishes of good health and prosperity.  The best Diwali wishes include quotes like “Diwali Ki Shubhkamnayein” and “Shubh Deepavali”. Sending happy Diwali wishes has become very popular during the festival season and is an expression of love and happiness amongst loved ones.

Diwali Mubarak Greeting
Happy Diwali Greeting

In which cities is Diwali the most popular?

These 15 cities are the clear winners when it comes to celebrating Diwali. Learn more about the festivals and Diwali sales seasons happening in these cities.

What do these happy Diwali images say?

  1. Happy Diwali
  2. Shubh Diwali
  3. Shubh Deepavali
  4. Diwali ki Shubhkamnayein
  5. Diwali Mubarakh
  6. Diwali ki hardik Shubhkamnayein
  7. Warm Diwali Wishes
Diwali Ki Hardik Shubhkamnayein Greeting
Happy Diwali Greeting

How to say Diwali Quotes in different languages?

In Hindi – Diwali ki Shubhkamnayein / Diwali mubarakh

In Bengali – Subho Diwalir Preeti O Subeccha

In Punjabi – Tuhanu diwali diyan boht boht vadhaiyan hon

In Tamil – Deepavali Nalvaazhtukkal

In Gujarati – Diwali ni hardik shubechao ne nutan varshabhinandan

In Malayalam – Deepavali Aashamsagal

In Telugu – Deepavali Shubhakankshalu

In Oriya – Deepavalira Anek Shubhechha

In Marathi – Shubh Diwali / Diwalichya hardik Shubhechha

In Kannada – Deepavali Habbada Shubhashayagalu

In Malayalam – Deepavali Aashamsagal

In Telugu – Deepavali Shubhakankshalu

Warm Diwali Wishes Greeting
Diwali Ki Shubhkamnayein Greeting